London Calling: “Type Safari” in London

A city is more than just its tourist attractions. In London, the designer Sarah Hyndman therefore provides typographical tours through the vibrant metropolis. Participants will gain a different perspective of London and also learn about the history of the city through Hyndman’s “Type Safari”. The author Ellen Himelfarb joined one of these tours and describes her experience in a lovely article.

Click here to go directly to the review of “Type Safari” in London.

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Video tip: remembering the font pioneer Hermann Zapf

Almost a year ago, the renowned type designer Hermann Zapf passed away at the age of 96. He became known through fonts such as Aldus®, Palatino®, Zapfino® and many more. In June this year, the designer Jerry Kelly gave a fascinating lecture on Zapf’s life and work. In memory of the creator of many memorable fonts.

Enjoy this nearly 50-minute talk in memory of Hermann Zapf.

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New in the “Fonts by Inspiration” series: Poster Fonts

Our new theme in the popular “Fonts by Inspiration” series covers poster fonts this month. An area with a lot of typographic potential – as usually only a few words are used for posters which are readable from a distance. This ranges from easily legible font families to highly experimental and eye-catching fonts.

Be inspired by our expert selection of striking fonts.

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Join in: the Futura “Type Trap”

Join in and be part of the largest global search for the Futura® font by Paul Renner. Keep your eyes peeled, recognize Futura in your area, take pictures and upload them. Very simple and fast – and quite effective for the project “Type Trap”.

On the “Type Trap” website you can find more information on exactly how you can be part of this font search – enjoy!

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Offer: the complete ITC Migration Sans for only $99*

For one week, you have the opportunity to receive the ITC Migration™ Sans for only $99* at Originally the designer André Simard created the humanistic Sans explicitly for design projects – and thanks to its easily legible, clear forms, combined with individual details, it more than lives up to this origin. The font family is available in ten styles, from Thin to Black, with matching italic styles, in OpenType Std format.

Click here to go directly to our ITC Migration Sans offer.

* Gross price 117.81 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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Typo refresher in five steps

The article “Typography tips for a better user experience” presents five steps to get the best out of digital typography on websites, emails or digital product designs. Your readers and users will thank you.

Read the complete article here.


Interview with Jim Ford

“Posterama is like a skilled voice actor – a simple person like you and me at a glance, but with the ability to transform into something else seamlessly”, says American font designer Jim Ford of his new font family, Posterama.
We conducted an interview with him on the occasion of the launch of this comprehensive and unique font family. In the interview, you will find out what inspired Ford to make this design, how he worked on Posterama and what tips he has for using the font.

Enjoy the interview on

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The detailed FF Yoga super family

The technically perfect FF Yoga super family has plenty of character, whether it is used alone or in combination. French designer Xavier Dupré created FF Yoga in 2009.
The font is versatile, whether in print or on the Web, and is in particular demand for the design of books, newspapers, magazines, packaging and advertising campaigns. Experience the exciting combination of the distinctive Antiqua FF Yoga® and the neutral sans FF Yoga® Sans for yourself.

Find out more exciting and interesting details on the FF Yoga super family here.

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Video tip: The Last Punchcutter

We’ve discovered a wonderful short documentary, “The Last Punchcutter”. It was shot by Italian directors Giorgio Affanni and Gabriele Chiapparini and shows the beauty of the old craft of punch cutting. The nearly seven-minute documentary focuses on Giuseppe Bracchino, former head of the die-cutter department of the company Nebiolo in Turin, who continues to work on his craft quietly.

Dive into this nearly forgotten but no less fascinating world of old-fashioned font creation.

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For 24 hours: 299 Praxis selections for only $49*

You have the opportunity to get the complete sans serif Praxis® for only $49* at The text font by the famous Dutch Designer and lecturer Dr. Gerard Unger is available for the next 24 hours – in the limited number of 299 packages.
The basic shape of the versatile Praxis is based on Unger’s Antiqua Demos® but the contrast in the line width is very restrained. A considerable x-height and open counters ensure perfect readability on the screen, also in smaller sizes, and the distinct shape of headlines call attention to itself.
Be quick and get the Praxis selection with the five weights Light, Regular, Semi Bold, Bold and Heavy in OpenType Pro format.

Click here to get to the Praxis selection.

* Gross price 58.31 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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